i have to go grocery shopping on the weekends even though i don’t have a job because if i wait until monday, i don’t have the necessities to pack scott’s monday lunch on sunday night and i am NOT going to the grocery store twice. so here is my menu for next week. it’s all about what central market has on special this weekend. also, i only planned five dinners because i am unashamedly hoping sophie shows up some time this week. i am so damn pregnant.

sunday – balsamic shrimp w/ zucchini soup

monday – arroz con pollo

tuesday – shrimp pomodoro

wednesday – sausage frittata and brabant potatoes

thursday – sausage, basil, and tomato pizza


2 Responses to “menu”

  1. emily Says:

    i’ll be needing more information on sunday’s meal. and a picture. please and thank you.

  2. jewelboxer Says:

    i cheated and made the frittata today instead, but i’ll do pictures of the shrimpies and soup tomorrow.

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