menu planning

breakfast almost every day is fiber one cereal and a banana, but hey, i need it. i’ve been packing turkey sandwich lunches for scott, but up until dinner, i really do a lot of fruit and yogurt and nut snacking instead of having a proper lunch. it’s not because i’m a pig. it’s good for me, really.

okay, i’m a bit of a pig. go fly a kite.

anywhoo, this is dinner so far and for the rest of this week. more red meat than i intended, but whatever. central market is celebrating espana until next tuesday, so when i stopped by today i spent six dollars on like four TEENY slices of jamon iberico de bellota. i also got a couple of spanish cheeses and needed a way to justify them, so tapas it is on saturday!

monday – spaghetti and meat sauce

tuesday – rib-eyes, lentils, spinach salad

wednesday – which ‘wich (don’t you look at me with those judgey eyes)

thursday – leftover steak chili (yay slowcooker and rebekah for encouraging soups!)

friday – seared mahi finished in veloute, spinach salad, lentils

saturday – tapas time! fried eggs, jamon iberico, whole wheat water crackers, almonds, seared bell pepper strips and calbaza, queso al vino, queso tetilla

sunday – albondigas in tomato and rioja sauce, spinach, almond, and queso al vino salad


3 Responses to “menu planning”

  1. rebekah Says:

    at least it’s fruit and yogurt snacking and not like, pizza flavored doritos from the office vending machine. and those things are all kinds of nasty.


    ahem. I’ve been craving Erik’s chili for a while now. I think I’m going to have him make it week after next. Technically it’s not winter anymore but you know how it is here. Still cold. Sigh.

    You guys are eating fancy considering you don’t have a proper kitchen!

  2. jewelboxer Says:

    obviously it’s not a healthy thing, since i will eat the shit out of salt and vinegar kettle chips, but i would have to be very, very hungry to eat a dorito.

    dude, i want the ham too. it’s all i can do not to sneak a taste.

    you and i feel similarly about cold-weather food. it’s not just for cold weather.

    as for the fancy kitchenette menu, the spaghetti sauce, veloute, and meatballs were all pre-made. oh, and the salad dressing is store-bought. but yeah, i guess i’m still being a bit of a food snob…even though we drank our wine out of plastic cups last night;)

  3. rebekah Says:

    those kinds of prepackaged foodstuffs, I can totally deal with. I want a Central Market! whine whine whine.

    I take my wine any way I can get it though I will admit that the last time I drank wine out of a plastic cup the entire evening did not end well. And that may have more to do with the amount of wine drunk rather than the receptacle in which it was consumed. :/

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