saucy saucy sauce

i would post my menu for the week, but really none of it matters after the ribs i started stuffing into my face about twenty minutes ago. and ribs, as any girl who loves pork more than she should knows, are all about the sauce.

have you every been to stubbs barbeque in austin, texas? you know what, scratch that, it doesn’t matter if you have been because these ribs are better than the ones there. i don’t know how…perhaps there is some special additive in stubb’s store-bought honey pecan bbq sauce that alters the chemical makeup of pork so it more closely resembles crack. what i do know is that rich, toasty flavor roasted pecans, and the heavenly sensation of pork fat infused with that honeyed flavor melting on my tongue.

this was STUPID easy. easier than the italian dressing ribs because i didn’t have to wrap anything in foil. easier than actually going to stubbs because i didn’t have to fight the scenesters there for a show. go buy this sauce.


roach motel ribs


8 fat bone-in pork ribs

1 bottle stubb’s honey pecan bbq sauce

.5 cup chicken broth

1 yellow onion, sliced

place ribs and onion in a slow cooker. pour sauce over ribs. pour chicken broth into sauce jar, close, shake vigorously, and pour over the whole mess. set your slow cooker to ‘high’ for four hours. walk away.

if i were in a real house instead of a roach motel, i would have made joy the baker’s wheat garlic knots and a spinach salad with goat cheese and girard’s champagne dressing for this meal. instead, i just ate some extra ribs.


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