menu planning

yeah, strangers, you read that shit right. menu. planning. i’m planning my menu. as in, my menu for the week for myself and my kid.

for my readers who have had too much wine to recall (because hello, there are two of you and you’re both lushes like i am), i got my GTFO on a while back and am now going all single mom on dallas’s ass. i have eaten at piggie pies in the last six weeks more times than i care to admit in this forum. but today, sophie and i journeyed to central market (it is now a regular occurrence because it is exactly one mile and i can justify prepared meals if i walk to get them). after she visits the sperm donor manana and i cook our proteins, we bitches are SET for the week!

monday – garlic- and pepper-crusted boneless ribeye with broccolini and baby bellas

tuesday – seared chicken breast finished in vichyssoise with mixed greens, cocktail tomatoes, and girard’s

wednesday – sliced ribeye over soba noodles with stir-fried veggies (bok choy, red peppers, carrots, sprouts)

thursday – sliced chicken breast and stir-fry veggie omelet (in toasted sesame oil, and with lots of garlic chile sauce, duh)

friday – beef bourguignonne over goat cheese mashed potatoes

breakfasts are always fruit (berries for me, bananas for sophie) and yogurt, and if i wake early enough, sometimes we fry an egg. my lunches will be leftovers (cooking for one and a half is HARD!), along with snacks of almonds, carrots, pears, and apples. if i were a more honest person, i would include the four cheeses i bought at central market today and the three bottles of wine, as i will probably make more than one cheese plate for ‘desert’ this week. oh-fucking-well.


2 Responses to “menu planning”

  1. rebekah Says:

    I still gotta say if I had a Central Market I would get my prepared meals on too because for some reason unknown to me I find I don’t have enough time for… anything. I start dinner at 10 after 5 and we don’t eat til 7. I really don’t understand where the time suck is located in my kitchen. But it’s there, I swear it.

    also, cheese and wine? i need to invite myself to your place. pronto.

  2. jewelboxer Says:

    oh, there is one in my kitchen too. i’m pretty sure its center is near the wine cabinet…

    oh yes, cheese and wine. c’mon over, lady. there are always at least three kinds of cheese in my fridge. i have trained my body to only function properly when grape juice and dairy products are present.

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